Boortz Wedding At Christie Mountain

Just did a wedding reception on June 27th at Christie Mountain just outside of Bruce in Northwestern WI. The Bride and Groom couldn’t have asked for a better day. 80 degrees, Sunny and a light breeze. Even during the summer Christie Mountain is breath taking! Even the drive up here was fantastic, Wildlife was all around, from deer to rabbits and the birds of all kinds. Making this day the perfect day for a wedding!

The night was great and fun! Everyone had a great time and when I had to stop at midnight, The people didn’t want me too! I always enjoy nights like that. The dance floor was always full and I got to reminisce with friends and past clients that I’ve known through out the years.

If you would like more info about Christie Mountain check them out on the Web at IMG_20150627_214357_004 IMG_20150627_234053_803

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