Sept. 19th Weber Wedding

Today I have the honor of doing a wedding. For those of you that don’t know, Not only am I a DJ, I am also Ordained Minister.

I have done many weddings in the past for many couples. Today I’m doing my FIRST wedding for a same sex couple.

I’m very excited for today! Shawna and Carissa are a great couple! When they contacted me almost a year ago, I was excited that they picked me to be their DJ. But, when they found out that I was a Ordained Minister, It really made their day!

Tonight at the reception it will be a blast!! I’ve meet the wedding party and they are also a fun bunch of people! I always enjoy a lively group that doesn’t care how that anyone is watching them dance all crazy!

I know that many of the people in the country don’t agree with same sex marriage. I am not one of them. I see marriage as the commitment and love two people have for each other. It doesn’t matter what Race, Religion or Sex you are, Love is Love. That is the key to a great marriage. Remember not that long ago it was Taboo almost a disgrace to marry someone of a different  ethnicity!! But do you know what happened….. Most people got over it.

I know that I will offend and might even have some people I know not talk to me again for doing this wedding.

I’m fine with that. There are more to people out there that believe in life as I do to meet.

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